About Us

Targeting to grow by pioneering new applications, the major initiative of Zer is to create satisfaction and loyalty of our shareholders by reflecting the principle of excellence in procurement to companies’ processes.



Zer, a Koç Group Company, has started its operation in 2003 under the name of Beko Trade Inc. Company title was registered as “Zer Central Services and Trade Inc.” in 2007. Since its foundation, Zer has been offering services and consultancy to its customers through the synergy created by collective procurement, together with the expertise and wide supplier network.

Zer is creating added value to its customers and suppliers. Having incorpatated Promena into its structure in 2013, Zer extended its service portfolio.

Our Mission

We create value and loyalty for all our shareholders by bringing in even while procuring.

Our Vision

Being Turkey's best and world's leading strategic procurement and efficiency center.


Our Values

WE ARE ONE: We believe in team work and spirit for achieving our goals.

WE ARE FAIR:: We appreciate the value of all our shareholders equally and value human beings.

WE ARE BRAVE: We encourage to take initiative and always support innovation.

WE ARE PERSISTENT: We focus on our work with determination and high performance.

WE ARE HAPPY: We create a climate in which all of our shareholders are totally satisfied while doing business.