Alternative Sales Solutions

Second Hand Sales Services

Due to variety of machines or equipments demanded and as buyers of each machine on the market differs, second hand sales are hard to manage. Yet, our wide buyer company portfolio enables the process to be managed easily for performing second hand product sales of our customers whom we aim to gain optimum favor.

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Hurda Satış Hizmeti

Scrap Sales Service

Cooperating With with Zer during your hardware sales processes will assure that each material is sold to companies compliant with legislation at correct prices. You can also obtain additional advantages by technical specifications through our expertise and by long term contracts on which pricing is managed according to market conditions. You can perform your high tonnage scrap sales requiring to be done as spot sales with maximum profit and minimum risk.

Barter Services

By using barter model instead of spending money you can meet your needs in tourism, automotive, insurance, durable consumption, information and many similar sectors and make savings. You can find answer to your many needs from vehicle rental services to Apple products, from travel expenses to private health insurance with barter solutions that we offer. You can also benefit from our alternative barter solutions when you want to turn undue assets into cash or purchase product and service at discount under list prices. Besides, you take many additional advantages with barter solutions we offer such as; work guarantee as much as trade volume performance, managing one-on-one customer accounts, tracking entire process from demand to invoice at a single place​
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