E-Commerce Solutions

Matching the demand within the large scope of our supply chain, we provide web based portals, customized specifically for our customers’ needs.


E-Commerce solutions cover e-commerce projects bringing all customers and suppliers working with Zer together on web based portals customized according varieties of supply, demand, and need. Here are some of the product groups that you can get detailed reports and save on time in your purchasing processes through the portals that we design and model for you:

  • Office materials
  • Cleaning and Food supplies
  • Computer consumables
  • Work safety equipments
  • Advertising and promotional products
  • Packaging materials
  • Textile and worker clothes
  • Hardware
  • Office and bureau furniture

Apart from these product groups, alternative procurement solutions for any kind of product need are to be produced according to demands of our customers.

Get Answers to all your E-Commerce Needs with Alternative Solutions

When we develop portals according to our customers’ demands, we offer multiple solutions to help them find the best solution for their work. We offer customized product lists of business to business (B2B) portals with special prices for our customers, and provide support for business to consumer (B2C) portal needs with alternative solutions. Moreover, we develop and customize loyalty portals for customers in search of unique experiences. As we analyze your needs for the portal to be produced under the consultancy of our expert staff we develop e-commerce model that will meet your expectations at the optimum level. We analyze all the products you’ve been purchasing from various suppliers in various periods for your various purposes in the current situation and make them available on a web portal in a manner that they can be ordered from single point. We determine purchasing-sales prices, individual price structures for each product, exact delivery information, potential users’ information, level of stock tracking and method, payment methods and various approval stages to create a project calendar in the light of obtained data.

Save on Time and Cost with Solutions Tailored for You

Easy to use interfaces, brand and product variety, instant solutions for all kinds of demands by call center support, quality assurance and standardization… These properties of portals guarantee the quality of the service we offer. You save on costs with economic prices and additional discounts. You save on time with supply opportunity from single point and with 7/24 order opportunity.