Our Suppliers

Since our foundation, we have been bringing ten thousands of suppliers together with Turkey's leading companies for managing procurement processes. We provide secure trade opportunity to our suppliers through transparent and fair procurement applications.
On the openning page, if you remark the sectors you wish to work in, the system evaluates your suitability for Zer requirements in the applied sectors
By the consent of the audit institution, you take part in Zer Supplier Pool and may join tenders carried out in the related sector either by invitations or by following our web site
In case if the evaluation results convenient, you are visited by an independent audit institution authorized for Zer, for in-place evalution


Collection assurance
Increase your job volume
Transparent and fair procurement
Sustainable price policy

Benefit from Our Wide Customer Portfolio

Once you are included in Zer supplier network, you save on time, source and cost that you would spend for promoting products and services in order to gain new customers. You can promote your products and services to a larger audience by accessing our customer portfolios -more than 1000 by number, and increase your work volume. You can also enable our customers to reach your products from different channels by adding your products to the catalogues on e-trade portals contained among our procurement solutions.

Access to Our Expert Consulting Staff, Get Closer to The Sector

Working closely to the sector we help you create exceptional results through innovative procurement and achieve competitive advantage. You can learn about innovations of the sector, be informed of new trends in procurement processes, the expectations and future needs of customers and shape your services in this manner. In case you have innovative solutions or cost improvement suggestions for services and products you offer, you can provide these solutions to larger audiences in a shorter time

To Join in Supplier Pool

You can make your application from tedarikci.koczer.com Your applications progresses as follows;

Provide Cost Save With Large Volume Sales

Thanks to our large corporate customer portfolio, you may grow your procurement power in parallel to your sales volume with wide volume sales. Hence you will decrease your material and production costs; manage your stocks more efficiently; increase your operational efficiency and so use your time and sources more efficiently. You can shape your investments and future production operations safely by catching sustainable cooperation opportunities through long term contracts.

Procure Your Collections by Koç Group Assurance

Our priority in cooperation that we have established with all of our suppliers as the Koç Group central procurement company is to make collections of our suppliers to be fulfilled without any delay in durations determined by contracts and enable our suppliers to complete the process safely without suffering from any loss.

Supplier Portals

Supplier Management System