Scrap Sales Service

Scrap sales service is the process of selling all scrap materials (iron, copper, aluminum, nickel, stainless steel, paper, plastic, package wastes, styrofoam, wood, scrap machine equipment, etc.) out of hazardous waste scope emanate from factories of our industry companies throughout Turkey to related foundations in order to be recycled or to be used in new material production. Besides the continuous works, it also covers high tonnage scrap sales requiring to be done as spot. Treated and recycled factory and plant removal scraps are also among materials for sales.

Let Management of Price and Operation under Variant Market Conditions to Us

Cooperating With with Zer during your hardware sales processes will assure that each material is sold to companies compliant with legislation at correct prices. You can also obtain additional advantages by technical specifications through our expertise and by long term contracts on which pricing is managed according to market conditions. You can perform your high tonnage scrap sales requiring to be done as spot sales with maximum profit and minimum risk.

Save on Time and Cost with Solutions Tailored for You

Varying from other sectors, hardware sales service requires management of price and operation for unstable market conditions besides of environment legislations. At Zer, we aim to conduct your processes successfully by following price movements in the sector, operational management and frequently changing legislations especially in the recent years very closely.The process is performed fully in accordance with environment legislation.