Second Hand Sales Services

Second hand sales service covers management of sales processes of production line, machine, counter, transformer, press, forklift, cutter sets, photocopy machines, passenger and transportation vehicles, laboratory equipments, office materials, crane, portal crane and any kind of similar second hand equipment and goods used by production companies throughout Turkey.

Benefit from Our Wide Portfolio Regardless of Your Sector

Due to variety of machines or equipments demanded and as buyers of each machine on the market differs, second hand sales are hard to manage. Yet, our wide buyer company portfolio enables the process to be managed easily for performing second hand product sales of our customers whom we aim to gain optimum favor.

Here are some of the major second hand machines and equipment procured of which are and belonging to our customers offering services in different sectors

Construction Sector

  • All kind of second hand crane types
  • Second hand Hiab crane, portal crane
  • Second hand mobile crane, tower crane
  • Second hand dozer
  • Second hand excavator (ladle)
  • Second hand container

Production Line

  • Second hand plant, energy production plant
  • Second hand machine
  • Second hand machine equipment
  • Second hand painting line
  • Second hand production line
  • Second hand drill, cnc counter,
  • Second hand lathe, milling cutter
  • Second hand generator, transformer,
  • Second hand factory transformer unit
  • Second hand transformer

Second Hand Transducer

  • Second hand ambulance
  • Second hand lorry
  • Second hand tow truck
  • Second hand tractor-trailer and trailer (flatbed trailer)

Apart from these products, you can also benefit from our wide buyer portfolio in sales of any kind of second hand materials towards your needs such as second hand tent, second hand robot etc.