Supportive Personnel

Supportive personnel procurement covers personnel requirements such as carrier, errand, clerk, officer, courier and service personnel requiring work force except cleaning services.

Work with Reliable Companies and Manageable Risk for Perfect Service

With the purchasing solutions that we create, we follow the operational process closely in compliance with labor laws and legislation. Our team saves you to hassle of having to seek for the right staff. We manage a broad subcontractor staff and we aim to minimize risks for you. Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level is our primary task. We provide optimum solutions for needs of courier, carrier, communications clerk and various service personnel needs of our customers. The greatest asset is our expert staff with fund of knowledge and strong control mechanisms.

Save on Time and Cost With Solutions Tailored for You

Cooperating with Zer during the procurement of supportive service will ensure you to have the quality for your operations and moreover, save on cost. We offer competitive prices at suitable conditions. Moreover, you get additional advantages and secure the your procurement with technical specifications and contracts. You save on work force and time during your procurement process by assuring continuous computation and auditing of the service compliance with the support of our expert staff.