Zer is at your side with its purchasing solutions in a versatile and important area like the media. Zer’s media buying solution service includes special solutions for your company’s production, post-production and photo production needs.
In 2016, we enriched the range of services that we started to offer by centralizing the post-production buying service in 2015, including film and photo production solutions. Thus, we have begun to provide companies with the buying service of the production process of all the media contents in the production field. Thanks to these services we have centralized, we produce optimum solutions in line with your expectations. We manage the whole process in a consolidated manner from end to end, ensuring coordination between creative agencies, production companies and post-production companies.
Cost savings with bulk buying
As Zer, we select our solution partners together with the creative agency of the project in line with the criteria we have determined for the projects to be produced. We realize the procurement by e-tender method and we provide the post-production service with special pricing as agreed. In this way, we offer you all the cost items at an optimum price in this way, we enable you to save on your employee/hour based costs.
- Cost advantage thanks to our competitiveness in the field of purchasing.
- Prices cleansed from agency commissions.
- Special discounts in the post-production field through the annual agreement.
- Brand-specific post production representatives.
- Saving on time.
- Comprehensive supply chain solutions.
- With our rich technology, resources and experience, the optimal design and configuration of your supply chain from start to finish.
- The opportunity to meet the alternative solution models we create in line with our comprehensive services and command on sector dynamics, and to closely follow the opportunities of joint projects.