Zer is with you with all its power, not only for national but also for international transport. We provide purchasing services to our clients in the import, export and transit road transport fields for all complete and partial loads. The corporate logistics solutions we provide are based on the quality, properties and quantity of the load to be transported and include 4PL services that ensure analysis and the optimization of the available logistics networks of our clients.
The power, knowledge and experience we have in the international transport purchasing sector allow us to provide you with service exceeding your expectations at any point we can reach by road. We choose our suppliers based on the evaluations and inspections we conduct in the light of the standards we identify. Our expert, qualified and reliable suppliers are working to provide the best road logistics service to you. Thanks to this meticulous approach, we can establish the long-term client-supplier relation we aim for.

Together we are stronger!

Zer’s power and experience unites with the power of its clients, business partners and suppliers. Thanks to the logistic optimization projects (4PL), hubs, milk-run and mod change projects and common project suggestions of our clients, we create custom and alternative corporate logistics solutions for your company during purchasing processes.
We provide sector-based purchasing solutions for these services

- International road transport conducted by standard taut or box type semi-trailer trucks
- Project and exhibition transport
- Transports conducted by car hauler, lowbed, Hardox, and chiller vehicle types
- Minivan vehicle options as an alternative to air for urgent shipments


Pursuant to the regulation published in Official Gazette on 19 August 2016, legal persons to conduct transport activities on national railway infrastructure network must have certain authorization certificates. The advantage, power and comfort of working with Zer is clear at this point. Our company provides services with authorized title as organizer both in domestic and foreign railway transport fields. You can use Zer’s international railway transport purchase service and benefit from the advantages of having Railway Operation Organizer Authorization Certificate.
Our international railway transport purchase service includes import, export and transit transport fields for our clients. We provide international railway logistics service by all container types, especially 45’ HC, or conventional wagons based on the quality, properties and quantity of the load to be transported. We ensure that railway container transport is used more commonly in order to increase savings of companies while reducing its carbon footprint.


Zer’s widespread and active cooperation network is equally capable in all kinds of partial and complete container sea transport. As Zer, we work with business partners that lead the sector across the world and manage Turkey’s largest container service purchase process with export, import and transit volume made to over 2000 points in 79 countries. For your partial sea transports, we can provide port-to-port or door-to-door sea logistics services thanks to our supplier pool that is part of a worldwide agency network. This extensive international logistics service allows you to save cost and time while providing ease in business processes.
For sea transport, we provide complete container and partial domestic transport solutions from all ports to warehouses, warehouses to ports and unloading warehouses in Turkey with our container included transport service. With our strong and experienced supplier portfolio, each of them chosen based on special criteria, we also provide flat rack and open top container transport and dumper truck transport service in addition to standard container domestic transport with a delivery volume that exceeds 75.000 per year.

Air transport becomes more common each day thanks to our modern airports, vehicles which are the product of the latest technology, improved capacities, availability of advanced storage systems and the increase in shipment needs of companies. Zer continues to be an active player in international air transport sector with about 7 thousand tons of load volume throughout the world. We provide air logistics purchasing service for import, export and express movement needs of our clients, through our business partners and suppliers who are experienced and qualified in terms of international transport. We perform purchasing management over two different services: international air transports for deliveries subject to customs within the scope of import and export, and international express air transport for deliveries that are not subject to customs but to time limitation.

What is included in our international air transport purchase service?
First, we ensure that your shipment needs are accurately identified by our experts who have extensive knowledge in the field and geography within the scope of our international air transport purchase service. We listen to your request, bring it together with the most optimal purchase method and identify the method to create added value for you. After this stage, our objective is to ensure that your complete and partial loads, packages and documents are delivered as soon as possible by fast cargo or charter airplanes used in international air transport.
Zer keeps track with the sector
We closely follow sector dynamics while managing our broad supplier pool and regularly inform you about the developments in your area of activity based on our knowledge and experience. Another advantage of working with us is the cost saving aspects. We bring the shipmentss of our business partner logistics companies together, and ensure that they transport these as consolidated cargos with the most cost-effective and competitive conductions in terms of volume and weight. By being included in this pool, you gain both cost advantages and time.
We provide purchase solutions for following services in international air transport
- Door-to-door cargo
- Heavy cargo
- Express service
- Multimodal transport
- Cost advantage thanks to the competitive power we have in purchasing field.
- Save time.
- Guarantee for smooth management of processes within the scope of international transport service thanks to the contracts executed.
- Extensive supply chain solutions.
- 100% geographical distribution with service providers we work with in Turkey and around the world that have the strongest communication network.
- Optimal, thorough design and planning for your supply chain thanks to the strong technology, expert sources and experience we possess.
- Guarantee for service quality and sustainability.
- Opportunity to be introduced to the alternative solution models we have created based on our extensive services and dominance in the field of sector dynamics, and to follow-up on common project opportunities closely.