Zer’s multimodal transport purchasing service includes the optimal and compact logistics solutions that we provide for your transport needs, through the use of different transport units or vehicles and multiple types of transport. With in the context of the service we provide; we merge and use transport methods such as road, sea, air based on the quality, properties and quantity of the product to be transported and needs of our clients. Our objective is to provide the most efficient service to our clients in the import, export and transit transport fields and to exceed their expectations.

What is included in our multimodal transport purchasing service?

 We choose our suppliers based on the evaluations and inspections we conduct in the light of the standards we identify. Our expert, qualified and reliable suppliers are working to provide the best service to you. We closely follow sector dynamics while managing our broad supplier pool and regularly inform you about the developments in your area of activity based on our knowledge and experience.
Advantages to be gained by your company if you cooperate with Zer

- Cost advantage thanks to the competitive power we have in the purchasing field.
- Save time.
- Guarantee for smooth management of processes within the scope of multimodal transport service thanks to the contracts executed.
- Extensive supply chain solutions.
- 100% geographical distribution with service providers we work with in Turkey and around the world that have the strongest communication network.
- Optimal, thorough design and planning for your supply chain thanks to the strong technology, expert sources and experience we possess.
- Guarantee for service quality and sustainability.
- Opportunity to be introduced to the alternative solution models we have created based on our extensive services and dominance in the field of sector dynamics, and to follow-up on common project opportunities closely.