Paper Package Purchasing Service

Zer’s paper package purchase service includes supply of your corrugated paperboard and offset printed box needs in all sectors with quality, dimensions and specs you want. We provide services across Turkey with our broad supplier network having required competences in terms of corrugated paperboard and offset printed box purchase processes. We choose our suppliers based on the evaluations and inspections we conduct in the light of the standards we identify. Within the scope of this meticulous service, we ensure that paper packages in accordance with packaging standards are subject to tests and produced in accordance with specs details.
Make a difference with Zer's innovative solutions

Based on your requests and sectorial developments, we ensure that R&G works are conducted for the product to be purchased and provide new designs and innovative solutions which will allow you to make a significant difference in your area of activity. To sustain our quality standards, we continuously measure and inspect the suitability of the service you receive.

Plastic Package Purchasing Service

Zer’s plastic package purchase services provides solutions for companies conducting activities in energy, white goods, automotive, food, defense industry, automotive sub-industry, chemistry industry and other various sectors. Zer ensures supply of plastic package materials with quality, dimensions and properties required by companies.
With our qualified, strong and widespread supplier network, we provide plastic package supply for Turkey’s largest companies and provide services to our clients that exceeds their expectations. Thanks to our broad supplier network consisting of rooted plastic package companies, we supply plastic package products with any dimensions and properties you need in short time.
Our plastic package purchase solutions
- Printed or non-printed shrink
- Stretch roll
- Locked bag
- Shirt bag
- Patch handle bags

- User manual bags
- Bubble nylon bags
- Printed or non-printed VCI bags
- High density polyethylene bag s
- Low density polyethylene bags

As Zer, we ensure supply of wooden package products such as pallets, cages, chests or cases with quality, dimensions and specs required by our clients conducting activities in energy, consumer appliances, automotive, food, defense industry, automotive sub-industry, chemistry industry and other sectors. With our broad supplier pool that consists of business partners who possess the technological competence required by the sector and are approved by independent inspectors, we supply any wooden package product you want including wooden package boxes and exhibition chests, arranged as soon as possible with the advantage of saving cost and time.
- Cost advantage thanks to the competitive power we have in purchasing field.
- Updating the prices by fixed escalation formulas determined and based on domestic and foreign market conditions and that therefore minimize the effect of changes in market conditions on the price.
- Save time.
- Guarantee for smooth management of processes within the scope of service thanks to the contracts executed.
- Extensive supply chain solutions.
- Optimal, thorough design and planning for your supply chain thanks to the strong technology, expert sources and experience we possess.
- Guarantee for service quality and sustainability with inspections and measurements conducted.
- Opportunity to be introduced to the alternative solution models we have created based on our extensive services and dominance in the field of sector dynamics, and to follow-up on common project opportunities closely.
- Instant follow-up on developments in relevant sectors and regular information provided in the light of data obtained.