Zer closely follows price fluctuations, operational management and especially regulations which have frequently changed in recent years in the sector in order to successfully manage your industrial waste management and scrap sales processes. Our industrial waste management and scrap sales service include the sales of all scrap materials from factories of industrial companies across Turkey, other than hazardous wastes, to relevant organizations to be re-utilized or used for new material productions. As Zer, we also manage processes related to your heavy tonnage scrap sales such as the factory disassembly scraps required to be performed on the spot in addition to continuous works.
Service that favors market conditions and environmental regulations

Unlike other sectors, the waste sector requires management of processes in accordance with environmental regulations in addition to the management of price and operation, based on changing market conditions. At Zer, we manage all stages of industrial waste management and scrap sales service we provide under these principles. We conduct our activities with great care and caution, and we do not work with companies which do not have recycling certificates and in this way, we ensure that all processes are conducted in full accordance with environmental regulations.
No risk, all advantage with Zer
Within the scope of the professional relationship you will have with Zer, we guarantee sales of your industrial waste and scrap to companies conforming to regulations based on the right prices. We create advantages for your company with technical specifications prepared in the light of our expertise, and long-term contracts which set forth prices based on market conditions. We ensure that you conduct your heavy tonnage scrap sales as they are required to be performed, on location, with maximum profit and minimum risk.
We manage the sales process of following industrial wastes and scraps

- Iron
- Copper
- Aluminum
- Nickel
- Stainless steel
- Plastic
- Styrofoam
- Scrap machinery equipment
- Waste electrical and electronic goods
- Paper/nylon/plastic/wooden package waste
- Factory and plant disassembly scraps