Tail Spend Management Purchasing Service

Tail spending is an expense item that is included in the budget of almost all companies, though it cannot be clearly defined and has low data visibility. Tail purchases can be defined as a “total of product and service expenses which are outside the main expense category, are small in terms of amount, but are not frequently required enough to create a catalogue item and can be described as non-contractual”. Zer is also on your side for the management of your periodic tail expenses with its power, experience and broad supplier network.

All processes are under one roof with Zer'

Tail spending can make up 20% of all purchase volume while being met by 80% of all suppliers. As Zer, we collect your expenses under one roof with our strategic purchasing methods in the light of your data and our experience of many years. We work with a single supplier and make purchasing systems more productive in terms of tail spending, as the total of product and service expenses which are outside the main expense category. We focus on tail spending that creates unproductivity for companies and is hard to manage, in order to aim for creating added value for our clients in their purchasing.
Zer creates added value

When purchase officers spend time managing tail expenses, it prevents them from focusing on expenses that would create added value, and this increases unproductivity. Zer steps in at this point, takes the burden from your company and provides a service that exceeds your expectations with its expertise and broad supplier network in different categories.

- Saving cost and time
- Working with a single main supplier
- Expertise in different categories
- Quick product or service supply
- Order, return or replacement tracking
- Broad supplier network
- Purchase tools such as online RFQ and marketplace
- Monitorable and reportable processes