Choose Zer for safe and comfortable travel

With our private personnel transport purchasing service solutions, we aim to improve your business processes and to eliminate the risks created by commutes and daily travel problems. With our expert staff and latest vehicle fleet, we ensure that you travel comfortably and safely starting from your departure until your arrival point.
We are the leader of our field with the purchasing solutions we provide in the field of private personnel transportation. We cooperate with leading companies of the sector. We provide a transport system with clean and quality vehicles that are operated by reliable drivers with required qualifications, where you can save cost and time while easily managing instant changes in your demands. With the private personnel transport service you receive from Zer, your employees will travel safely and comfortably, and get to their meetings in a highly motivated mood without getting tired by the travel.
We packaged our private personnel transport service under the name “araçiste” in 2007. If you want to introduce your company to this technology and benefit from the modern advantages of our service, you can visit the araçiste title under “Our Technology Solutions” tab.


As Zer, we provide extensive and optimal solutions for your personnel service transport needs. We ensure your employees will travel safely and comfortably on the required route with our timely, safe and comfortable transport service. We will help you to maximize employee satisfaction with the private personnel service we provide.

Expert staff, latest vehicles

We work with specialized personnel transportation companies, in our aim to provide you with quality service throughout your trip with our experienced staff and latest vehicles. We transport employees in accordance with current legal regulations using the latest tracking systems, with our suppliers providing high-performance services as well as the support of our own expert staff. We guarantee that your trips will be safe and sound thanks to GPS-equipped vehicles that allow you to track vehicles and their travel speed.
We integrated our personnel transport service with IoT technology in 2006 and placed it under our Zervis brand. To take advantage of the services offered by Zervis to save cost, time and workforce benefits, you can visit the Zervis title under “Our Technology Solutions” tab.


- Cost advantage thanks to the competitive power we have in the purchasing field.
- Save time.
- Guarantees for smooth management of processes within the scope of service under contract.
- Extensive supply chain solutions.
- Optimal, thorough design and planning of your supply chain thanks to the strong technology, expert sources and experience we possess.
- Guarantee for service quality and sustainability.
- Opportunity to be introduced to alternative solution models that we have created based on our extensive services and dominance in the field of sector dynamics.