As Zer, we carry out our recruitment processes with the awareness that “human” is a value in itself and a precious part of a company. We aim to provide a positive experience to the candidates through our recruitment process, which includes interviews with the manager, English test, online personality inventory and case studies organized in a way that will depend on positions. You can follow the open positions at Zer from .

Wage Management and Fringe Benefits
At Zer, wage payments to employees are made as a total of 16 gross salaries per year. 4 bonuses are paid each month with being reflected to the monthly salary. Additionally, at the end of each year, employees are paid a performance bonus depending on the annual performance.
In addition to the monthly salary and bonus, Zer employees also benefit from the social assistance package or the flexible side benefit Flextra determined according to needs.
Other fringe benefits obtained by employees at Zer:

  • Membership of Koç Holding Pension and Assistance Fund Foundation
  • Company phone line and phone
  • Private health insurance
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Meal card
  • Flexible transportation option

Performance Management
Performance management applied at Zer is spreading to all company employees with the year-end target card system. Target cards, which are prepared according to certain criteria, play an active role in performance evaluation at the end of the year, covering the individual and company goals of the employees.