Meet RPA technology
As Zer, our most important activity in the field of digital transformation in 2018 was the realization of robotics process automation (RPA) technology. By incorporating this technology into our business processes, we have made significant contributions to our employees, customers and suppliers in terms of efficiency.

New platforms and applications that capture the future

With our innovation efforts, we have created platforms and applications that will shorten our business processes and also of our customers and our suppliers, and increase efficiency throughout. In 2018, we started to develop our existing applications within the supply category and have provided service through the release of new generation versions, we aim to produce solutions with the speed and performance required by our age through the implementation of many new applications.
Today, Zer offers rational, efficient and profitable solutions to all its customers and business partners with our expenditure analysis application SpenDNA, strategic purchasing solutions platform Promena Marketplace, smart vehicle tracking system Zervis, transportation services application Logistics Platform and Supplier Financing.

Support for the future with BulDoZer

BulDoZer made its first cycle in 2016. It is the corporate innovation and entrepreneurship program of Zer, Turkey’s first and largest purchasing company. The primary objective of the program is to support the rapid growth of Zer's innovative initiatives in the areas of technology where Zer has sectoral knowledge and experience, providing access to a wide range of clients and partners, especially the Koç Group Companies.
For more information about BulDoZer, please visit address.