"All studies beginning along with the participation of Tüpraş to Koç Community turns into synergy in every passing day, indeed. Especially in recent years, this cooperation progressed with Tüpraş and Zer SAP systems' becoming integrated and our friends' who work for Tüpraş in Zer getting to know our Refineries more closely. In the forthcoming period, as Tüpraş, we target to work with on-time shipments and enhanced increasing volumes for our online catalogues and periodic timing works from Zer."

Göksel Baydar

Contract and Procurement Director Tüpraş


"Besides the financial gain, E-tender system speed-up our precess, especially multi-supplier based, progressive, complicated works. We can reduce a 2-week-job into one or two hours. That’s an added-value for us. It takes one click to receive a report, analiyze it and to make out."

Kutay Demirören

Construction Traffic & Logistics Manager Enka