For My Country Project; This is an umbrella project that aims to realize projects that raise the standard of living. It supports all internal stakeholders in their efforts to be more participatory towards social problems and by supporting local development to encourage the spread the spirit of social responsibility among Koç Group companies, employees, dealers and suppliers.
At Zer, we conducted a study for our Gender Equality Award in 2017 in coordination with our solution partners, within the scope of the For My Country Project. Gender equality is a fundamental value for Zer. We believe that taking sustainable steps to make a difference in this serious and sensitive issue should be considered a fundamental principle. Many groups among our solution partners are taking important steps to ensure gender equality, and they participated in this study. We, at Zer, in order to serve this common goal, then presented awards to those of our solution partners who implemented sustainable practices in the field of gender equality. This event will be held every two years, and we aim to continue highlighting establishments that invest in gender equality among our solution partners and to encourage other organizations to conduct new studies.
For more information about the Zer Gender Equality Awards, you can visit web address.


We develop projects to support gender equality and are involved in many voluntary works. We, at Zer, have signed the United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) to strengthen the support we show for women. The United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles platform is one of the most important global initiatives of the private sector, aiming to empower women to take their places in all sectors and all levels of economic life.
WEPs platform, developed and distributed by the United Nations Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment Unit (UN Women) and United Nations Global Compact initiative, offers seven principles for the private sector that should be taken into account for gender equality in workplaces, markets and community-wide. This platform asks the leaders of the business community to make explicit commitments that they will implement these seven principles to establish company policies that will help increase gender equality. The leaders who sign the CEO Support Statement thereby demonstrate their intent to implement these principles in every unit of their company. The principles that companies should consider include simple rules and recommendations that provide guidance on empowerment of women in the workplace, market and community.
We, at Zer, are committed to continue our support for Women's Empowerment Principles in line with the importance and sensitivity we provide to gender equality studies.


Zer is a company where 49% of our employees are women. We believe in the power of women and their importance in business life, and we continue to support education in pursuit of improvement for every generation. As a supporter of the Turkish Educational Foundation (TEV), we cover the educational costs of ten women pursuing studies every year.