16 December 2022

‘Ensuring optimal supply-chain flexibility and resilience is our primary goal’

mehmet apak fast company visioners.webp

As part of Fast Company Turkiye Magazine’s “Conversations with Visionary Leaders” series, Zer General Manager Mehmet Apak discussed the ongoing transformation of corporate-procurement and supply-chain management, his vision for the industry’s future, and the company’s goals for 2023.

Firstly, he laid out three major changes now underway in procurement and supply-chain management. The most important of these, according to Apak, is the industry’s transformation into a critical discipline, which now plays a pivotal role in short- and long-term corporate goal-setting, decision-making, and investment planning.

He also noted the “significant shift” towards digital platforms that is now underway in the post-pandemic period.

“It’s necessary to ensure transparency throughout procurement processes and supply chains; stored data must be usable and interpretable,” he explained. “At Zer, we recognize the significance of platforms that can integrate systems, adapt to existing data, and provide a range of analyses using new data.”

Apak also highlighted the importance of mutual trust, noting that a number of recent bottlenecks and uncertainties had served to make trust the “primary value” in supply and procurement relationships.

Stressing that Zer’s overriding priority is to “manage the chain of trust throughout our ecosystem,” Apak pledged that the company would continue to grow in 2023 “without losing sight of our focus on trust.”

He added: “We strive to provide all our customers and suppliers with the best solutions to ensure their businesses achieve optimal flexibility and resiliency – even in uncertain conditions.”