Araçiste considers the comfort of its passengers as well as the companies.


The app called "Araçiste" (meaning request a vehicle) considers the comfort of its passengers as well as the companies. Besides its large vehicle fleet actively waiting, it provides comprehensive reports on monthly and annual business usage by considering miles and destinations. It also displays the employees traveling and their travel frequency. Thus, the app significantly decreases transportation costs and facilitates in-house service procurement approvals. Centralizing procurement with Araçiste delivers many cost, time, and labor benefits. You can benefit from procurement services and personnel transportation services faster and easier.


Chauffeured vehicle request in just three simple steps

Using "Araçiste", KoçZer's technology solution offers freedom of transportation anytime, anywhere, you can submit your vehicle request in just three simple steps and travel safely at all hours. With its user-friendly interface and simple menu flow, Araçiste takes the stress of finding a vehicle off your shoulders. Benefiting from the app, you can effortlessly select the individuals who will travel with you from your contacts and provide them with detailed travel information with a single click.


Faster and Comfortable Transportation with Araçiste

After KoçZer took over the procurement management, every Koç Group company has started to receive service from sub-contractors via Araçiste. Receiving services from sub-contractors via a single screen has facilitated tracking and reporting the needs of all companies and business processes. Araçiste app is also available in iOS and Android supported devices.