With Zervis, smart procurement solutions merge with technology.

Thanks to KoçZer's smart service tracking system, smart procurement solutions merge with technology. Using Zervis, you can instantly access to all the information you need, such as the route control of the personnel shuttles and in-car occupancy rate, and automatically calculate distance-based progress payments.

Smart Service Tracking System

With Zervis' user-friendly screens and IoT (Internet of Things) technology, the basis of Zervis' smart system, companies can receive data-driven answers to many questions, such as below, via the use of a sensor to be placed on the personnel vehicle and a card to be provided to the employees: "What is the occupancy rate of the vehicle? How many people are in the vehicle, and who are they? What speed is the vehicle going? How many times did the vehicle brake, and where did it stop? How many km has the vehicle traveled?" With Zervis, you can also see criminal reporting and monitor the arrival of an employee or vehicle via the mobile app in real-time. Zervis's solution-oriented system allows your company to save money, time, and labor.

Utilizing Zervis, HR departments and administrative affairs managers can easily follow the employee transportation processes and access to the data they need anytime. Consequently, any process can be healthily managed in the event of safety issues or a possible accident. Accessing related data promptly ensures that the necessary inspection is conducted while the essential measures are taken.


With Zervis, give way to technology!

With KoçZer’s prices determined by the tender method and contracts executed anticipating price fluctuations, a considerable saving in cost, time, and labor in the procurement of personnel transportation services is achieved. With this extensive service, KoçZer aims to deliver cost-efficiency and standardization in transport vehicles and avoid potential over-mileages through pre-determined routes.

If you want to benefit from the advantageous service of Zervis, which KoçZer implements to offer state-of-the-art solutions in personnel transport processes to save cost, time, and labor, you can become our customer by contacting us via our contact page.