Role changes and assignments as of January 1, 2021


Role changes and assignments as of January 1, 2021

08 December 2020

Duties and responsibilities of Orçun Güven, who has been responsible for the management of sales, marketing, customer relations and operations, business development and product development activities of Promena, the strategic purchasing platform of Zer since 2018, and who has been working as Promena Services Director, has been expanded.

By undertaking sales, business development and product development activities of Zer as well as Promena as of January 1, 2021, Orçun Güven will continue his tenure this time as the Sales and Promena Services Director. Güven, who completed his undergraduate studies at Marmara University Business Informatics in German Department and his executive master's degree at Koç University, took the first step in his career as a System Development Specialist at Zer Merkezi Hizmetler ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Mert Atılgan, who has assumed the responsibility of the Sales Director at Zer since 2018, will hand over his position to Orçun Güven as of January 1, 2021, and will work as the Automotive Retailing Director at Birmot, which is affiliated with Otokoç Otomotiv, Koç Group's leading company in automotive retail.

Commentating on the new appointments, our General Manager Mehmet Apak said, “I think we have created an in-house competency transfer process in Zer with this important assignment, where we gathered the sales, business and product development processes of Promena and Zer under the same roof. The meeting of two teams with different dynamics will enable us to transfer of our strengths and discover our weaknesses. The Zer sales team will convey their learnings about customers from different industries, their purchasing expertise and online order management competence gained with ZerOnline, while the Promena team operating in the global arena will bring forth their agile, flexible and customer satisfaction-oriented business understanding. I am sure that this fusion will open the door to new business approaches and cooperation in our industry.”.

Appraising his new duty, Güven commented: “It excites me to be able to combine the responsibilities I acquired in the development of the Promena brand, which is part of Zer, in its rise in the industry, and the acquisition of new features shaped by technology with other brands and business partners of Zer. I wish this new mission to be a very enjoyable journey equally for our business partners, Zer as well as me”

In addition, Okay Çinko, who joined Zer in 2008 and, after assuming many different responsibilities who has been working as the International Logistics Purchasing Manager since 2018, will be assigned as the Quality and Process Manager in Zer as of the new year. With the appointment of Çinko, Customer Relations Unit Management was also affiliated to the relevant directorate and the Quality and Process Directorate was restructured.

Emel Candaş Uslu, who has been in charge of maritime transportation since 2018, was appointed as the International Logistics Purchasing Manager, which was vacated with the new position of Okay Çinko.