Ekozer.com is the e-commerce website of Zer, the purchasing company of Koç Group. Ekozer.com was founded in 2016 in order to provide e-commerce solutions for companies with a need for consumable products and branded promotional products. Ekozer.com includes the advantages created by Zer’s purchasing volume and provides optimum solutions for office-related and industrial consumables and branded product needs of companies, at a single point of purchase. The most important quality of Ekozer.com which distinguishes it from other e-commerce platforms is the flexibility that allows it to be a closed-circuit platform when required. Zer’s richly diverse e-commerce website, Ekozer.com, has 11.000 products displayed from 370 brands under 7 main and 42 sub-categories.
Ekozer.com’s product range can be categorized under three titles:

  1. Products intended for office needs: Ekozer.com provides a product portfolio with 3.500 SKU (stock keeping unit) that allows workplaces to meet their basic consumable needs in stationery, food-kitchen, cleaning products, technology and electronic categories.
  1. Products intended for factory and authorized service needs: Ekozer.com serves the industrial consumable needs of factories and authorized services in the construction market: hardware, hand tools, electric and lighting categories with 7.500 SKU products.
  1. Corporate products intended for dealer and service station organizations: Ekozer.com also serves as a closed-circuit platform (after member login) where brand dealers and service station organizations can place corporate product orders. In this way, standardization is ensured for promotional products such as personnel clothes with logo, introduction brochures, flags, pens, post-its, etc.
  • Companies with multiple branches/locations and users can purchase products pre-identified in the order approval hierarchy based on mutually agreed-upon prices.
  • Products and prices can be managed for each customer/customer group.
  • Periodic advantages can be used for specific products or orders by campaign, promotional product and gift certificate activities.
  • Easy and fast shopping
    • User-friendly interface
    • Special banner areas for customer groups on homepage and category pages
    • Smart product search box
    • Category tree that can be customized based on customer needs
    • Filtering properties such as brand, color, etc. on product listing pages
    • Ability to easily access detailed information with product visuals and descriptions
    • Selling within determined stock quantities
    • Ability to keep constantly ordered products on a single list with “Add to My Favorites” feature
    • Repeat order feature
    • Ability to choose future delivery dates
    • Tracking of orders in the system with cargo integration
    • Online cancellation and refund process

Other Brands


araçiste, one of the technology solutions of Zer, has been providing services to all of its companies provided with purchasing solutions in the area of transportation through the https://araciste.koczer.com/trips


SpenDNA analyzes all of your company’s purchase expenses and allows you to see comparisons with previous years across categories and products, both in summary and detail based.


Promena, the first brand of Turkey in its sector, has provided significant added value to its clients since 2001 through strategic purchasing solutions.


In line with the centralization of the purchasing, Koç Holding, commonized the purchase of services for personnel transportation vehicles such as buses and minibuses in 2006.