Promena, the first brand of Turkey in its sector, has provided significant added value to its clients since 2001 through strategic purchasing solutions. Promena is especially distinguished by its e-purchase, e-tender, expense analysis and supplier information management systems. Promena provides service to its clients through its website over thousands of different projects with its professional approach and experienced staff.
The Yellow Pages of the purchase sector

Thanks to Promena Marketplace, which gathers the current suppliers of all Koç Group companies and other businesses under a single platform, supplier companies have the opportunity to find alternative sales possibilities, while companies extend their supplier pools from access to suppliers that are not included in their present portfolios. In this way, a “Yellow Pages” are created for the purchase sector with tangible benefits provided for all stakeholders, all thanks to the value created by mutual cooperation.
Promena successfully captures the benefits of the digital age in its purchasing systems. Promena aims to create sustainable advantages and to ensure a digital transformation in the purchasing activities of corporate clients by providing systems with the latest technology.


- Savings of cost and time created by a transparent, ethical and productive system that brings digitalization to your purchase processes.
- Ability to monitor all processes from the initial demand to invoicing with a single click thanks to the e-purchase function.
- Ability to transfer all price negotiations within the process over electronic media by using the e-tender system.
- Access to detailed reports of all your transactions via visual management panels in the expense analysis module.
- Active implementation of strategic supplier management with the supplier information management function.
- Ability to manage all functions of the system whether integrated or mobile.

One-click expense analysis with SpenDNA

Demand, offer, e-tender, negotiation, contract and payment… How easy would it be if you could manage, analyze and report all these processes from a single point? With SpenDNA, one of the technology solutions of Zer, you can monitor and measure your purchase processes, as it creates data and then analyses it, allowing you to create a rational purchase strategy. This level of analysis allows you to direct your company’s income-expense balance and therefore, your future, by growing your purchasing and selling.
Other Brands


araçiste, one of the technology solutions of Zer, has been providing services to all of its companies provided with purchasing solutions in the area of transportation through the


SpenDNA analyzes all of your company’s purchase expenses and allows you to see comparisons with previous years across categories and products, both in summary and detail based.


In line with the centralization of the purchasing, Koç Holding, commonized the purchase of services for personnel transportation vehicles such as buses and minibuses in 2006.