Koç Holding took an important step towards centralizing the purchasing with a rational breakthrough. In 2006, Koç Holding commonized the purchase of services for personnel transportation vehicles such as buses and minibuses. In 2007, the purchase of special personnel transportation services for smaller transportation vehicles was centralized. Zer started to manage the purchasing processes of these two service areas from a single point with rational solutions. Centralization of the purchasing provided Koç Holding many advantages in terms of cost, time and labor force. The processes of both purchasing and using the service have accelerated and become easier.

Fast and profitable service with araçiste

With the transfer of the purchasing process in 2007 to Zer, all companies started to receive services from the sub-suppliers through Zer's web-based order screen araçiste. Receiving services from sub-suppliers through one screen has made it quite easier to track and report the needs of all companies as well as business processes.
araçiste, one of the technology solutions of Zer, has been providing services to all of its companies provided with purchasing solutions in the area of transportation through the website since October 2016. araçiste’s ioS and Android supported application is also available. If you want to introduce this technology to your company and take advantage of our services that meet the needs of the era, you can contact us from our contact page.


- Your service approval processes are accelerating.
- Travel information is being reported.
- Your transportation costs are being reduced.
- Your travels are being billed at the end of the month according to your cost center with the automatic approval mechanism. And this brings time and speed to your company.
- You can request vehicles in three easy steps, and you can safely transport at all hours of the day.
- You can save your frequently used addresses for later use.
- You can add people to accompany your travel through the araçiste application or you can easily select them from your contacts list on your phone.
- You can enter the beginning and end locations of your travel and if you have any locations to stop by, you can add them easily on araçiste.

Other Brands


SpenDNA analyzes all of your company’s purchase expenses and allows you to see comparisons with previous years across categories and products, both in summary and detail based.


Promena, the first brand of Turkey in its sector, has provided significant added value to its clients since 2001 through strategic purchasing solutions.


In line with the centralization of the purchasing, Koç Holding, commonized the purchase of services for personnel transportation vehicles such as buses and minibuses in 2006.