It is important to quickly, easily and profitably supply a product or service, as well as to track, report and analyze your needs. The tracking of purchase expenses is of critical importance for companies that wish to control their present and their future. With its reporting software SpenDNA, Zer provides a service that is ahead of its time, for you to monitor and analyze your expenses. SpenDNA analyzes all of your company’s purchase expenses and allows you to see comparisons with previous years across categories and products, both in summary and detail based. You can quickly review the cross-analyses made between fields on a single display. We call this technology a “purchase X-ray”.
See the DNA of your company!

SpenDNA is one of the technology solutions of Zer, and, within the framework of a trust agreement, we use it to analyze the purchase data you share to the last detail.  We create reports based on our knowledge of how best to allow you to identify your future strategies in a powerful way. We collect data about invoice volume and changes for every year, the increases and decreases in the number of orders, seller performance, bestselling products/services, location-based purchase rates, seasonal changes and all other data you want to know about for you and show it within a single display. You can see and manage all of your expenses with a single click.
You will have all the control of a maestro

The growth of your company begins with the correct planning of your purchasing processes. Thanks to SpenDNA, you can easily manage the purchases conducted by all departments, distributors and production centers of your company and completely control your financial instruments like a maestro. Reports created by SpenDNA of your annual financial results allow you to make strategic purchases based on your needs. At this point, another technology solution from Zer steps in: Promena.

Make more when purchasing with e-tender

Thanks to Promena, a product of Zer with 9 billion TRY annual business volume, you can arrange e-tenders with your rules and meet new suppliers who are providing suitable offers.

- Instant access to macro and microdata.
- Detailed comparison of your purchases in past years.
- See the bigger picture via easily readable graphic templates.
- Unlimited benefit from our know-how and experience.
- Easy calculation of cost per product.
- Shape the program based on your needs.

Other Brands


araçiste, one of the technology solutions of Zer, has been providing services to all of its companies provided with purchasing solutions in the area of transportation through the https://araciste.koczer.com/trips


Promena, the first brand of Turkey in its sector, has provided significant added value to its clients since 2001 through strategic purchasing solutions.


In line with the centralization of the purchasing, Koç Holding, commonized the purchase of services for personnel transportation vehicles such as buses and minibuses in 2006.