Smart shuttle

In line with the centralization of the purchasing, Koç Holding, commonized the purchase of services for personnel transportation vehicles such as buses and minibuses in 2006. This joint purchasing activity started to be carried out through Zer.
Thanks to Zer’s prices determined by the tender method and the contracts made foreseeing price changes, the cost, time and labor force is significantly saved in the purchase of personnel transportation services. With this comprehensive service, Zer aims at efficiency in costs, standardization in transportation vehicles and avoiding possible over-mileages by pre-determination of routes.

Let technology work with Zervis

These rationalist purchasing solutions are combined with technology thanks to Zer's intelligent vehicle tracking system Zervis. Zervis, which Zer has implemented with the aim of providing solutions beyond the era for the personnel transportation processes, serves to customers via the https://zervis.co/concento/ web address. With Zervis, you can swiftly access all the information you need, from the route control of the personnel shuttles to the in-car occupancy rate, and automatically calculate the progress payments on the distance basis. This solution-oriented system helps your company make savings on cost, time and labor force.
With IoT technology, that forms the basis of Zervis's intelligent system, companies can easily access the following data and services with a sensor to be placed on the personnel vehicle and a card to be given to the personnel:

  1. How many people are in the vehicle
  2. Who are the persons in the vehicle
  3. The occupancy rate of the vehicle
  4. The speed at which the vehicle is driven
  5. How many times the vehicle brakes and where it stops
  6. How many km’s has the vehicle traveled and what is the progress payment
  7. Access to criminal reporting
  8. With the mobile application, personnel can monitor the arrival of the vehicle live

In order to benefit from Zervis's advantageous service that saves cost, time and labor force, you can contact us from our contact page.


- With the route management, which route the vehicles are using and the locations where they stopped is determined.
- The documents of the service vehicles, driver information and reports of violation of the rules (speed, sudden braking, delay, etc.) can be reached instantly.
- By tracking which employees are in which vehicle, the occupancy rate based on the route can be optimized.
- With the determination of the stops on the routes and tracking of the km made by the vehicle, the necessary service management optimization can be done easily.
- Vehicle tracking and progress payment control are done systematically with the devices located in the vehicles. This gives full control over transport processes.
- With the mobile application, employees can instantly access the shuttle information and its location.
- Employees can register to a different route by scanning their cards with the approval of the location officer.
- Employees can rate and make comments on their routes, drivers and vehicles. In this way, problems are categorized and resolved more easily.
- Employees can call the supplier to report the encountered problem (such as scoring violation, criminal action, etc.) and get support for the application when needed.
- In addition to the route, location and shift information, all common notifications that the company wants to share can be made to employees.
- With Zervis, the human resources department can follow the transportation processes and can easily access the information at any time they need. In this way, they can manage the process in a healthy way in the event of safety situations or in the event of a possible accident. Rapid access to relevant information ensures that the necessary controlling is carried out and the necessary measures are taken.

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