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Digital Transformation

Today, the developments in information and communication technologies produce the most significant transformations in economic and social life entirely. While creating opportunities, this transformation also poses risks to those excluded and threatens their existence and continuity. Thus, institutions or industries that do not undergo this transformation are not expected to maintain their sustainability.

Taking our vision from the Koç Group, which we are a part of, we started our digital transformation journey before many institutions in our country. At KoçZer, we have been already making digital investments for a long while. We believe that meeting the digital transformation requirements and staying up-to-date is the guarantee of our unique business model. Our business model is based on providing a bridge of mutual benefit between our clients and solution partners. We strive to deliver the optimum benefit to our stakeholders via digital opportunities, technological innovations, and innovative methods. While closely following technological innovations, we continuously improve ourselves to utilize the best technologies suitable for our business.

We also operate in various categories and business models to become a global competitor and excel in our business. With our Promena, Zervis, Araçiste, ZerOnline, and ZerLog brands, we aim to enable our customers, suppliers, and business to achieve shortened business processes and enhance efficiency. We regularly update our technological solutions based on the requirements of the age to provide better service.

New Platforms and Practices Ready for the Future

In 2013, we acquired Promena, our strategic procurement software, and began our journey to offer digital solutions in the procurement and supply chain. Since then, we have been offering new useful products to our clients and suppliers, expanding in the digital field. Our greatest goal is to support our service areas with digital products. Accordingly, we developed ZerOnline, our B2B e-commerce and online order management system, ZerLog, our platform offering end-to-end monitoring of logistics processes, Zervis, where we provide more manageable personnel transportation experience via intelligent tracking system; and Araçiste, our corporate, private chauffeured vehicle request application.

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Seamless and Speedy Processes with Robotic Process Automation

In 2018, we started to leverage robotic process automation (RPA) to fortify our operation structure, lower the margin of error in our manual processes, and allow our human resources to leave routine procedures behind and engage with processes where they can feel motivated and work efficiently.

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New Business Ideas with PanZer

Aiming to discover new and future-ready business areas and develop our available business via various approaches, PanZer allows us to pay attention to and consider new business ideas our colleagues developed by creating project groups supporting them with our investment board.