Strategic Collaborations

At KoçZer, we are dedicated to building successful collaborations and strategic partnerships. We are pleased to come together with the leaders in the industry to provide the best service to our valuable customers and ensure the sustainability of our business. We aim to create strong synergies by combining our know-how and resources through these partnerships.

Promena and Scoutbee

Promena, the pioneer of strategic procurement platforms in Türkiye, has collaborated with Scoutbee, a Germany-based artificial intelligence-aided procurement platform to allow users of Promena to access Scoutbee's supplier base to reach European suppliers in a faster and more effective way. Meanwhile, Scoutbee's customers will be able to access suppliers from Türkiye and other locations using Promena's supplier base. Scoutbee's users will be able to access suppliers from Türkiye and other locations using Promena's supplier pool .


KoçZer and KPMG Türkiye

Supply chains are experiencing unprecedented disruptions. While familiar solutions are being replaced by new ones, digital solutions are coming to the fore. As in all areas of the economy, it is of great importance for companies today to quickly adapt to the new conditions in their supply chain and procurement activities. Companies can overcome supply chain challenges by prioritizing digital transformation more than ever, and making conscious investments in this area. With the collaboration of KoçZer and KPMG Türkiye empowered by digital transformation, we aim to help enterprises and organizations in the sector build and manage high-performance procurement structures .


Promena and Sourcing Champions

Thanks to Promena's collaboration with Amsterdam-based Sourcing Champions, a strategic sourcing and consultancy company, customers of Promena and Sourcing Champions will benefit from consultancy services and digital solutions.