Our Sustainability Approach

At KoçZer, we have demonstrated our responsibility towards the world with various projects since our establishment. Encouraged by the influence of our numerous collaborations, we have developed sustainability and social contribution projects for a better world. We will continue our efforts to develop projects that will enable our suppliers, clients, and our ecosystem to take action for the environment, society, and sustainability.


Our Dreams Are Similar Collaboration Program

With the "Our Dreams Are Similar Collaboration Program" we implemented in 2019, we invited all our stakeholders to discover the steps they can take both individually and institutionally to fulfil our responsibilities for a better tomorrow. We encouraged our clients and suppliers from various industries, the heart of our ecosystem, to take responsibility for a sustainable future.

Our Dreams Are Similar Collaboration Program is based on Responsible Production and Consumption, Article 12 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We evaluate and reward our business partners' project ideas and practices, popularizing them to increase their impact.

With Our Dream Are Similar Collaboration Program helping project ambassadors, especially the Y generation, increase their participation and have an active role, we aim to provide a platform for our young colleagues. The latter produce ideas and projects for our world's future.

Our Dreams Are Similar,
Best Environment Program in Europe

We have won 1st place in the Environment Programs category of The Stevie International Business Awards 2021 program with Our Dreams Are Similar Collaboration Program, which was selected the Health, Safety & Environment Program of the Year in Europe. Also, we received the silver award in the " PR Campaign of the Year - Environmental" and the bronze award in the "Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year - in Europe".

Our program was also granted the Best Corporate Social Responsibility Project award in 2021 by the Best Business Awards, a reputable award in the UK.

How Does Our Dreams Are Similar Collaboration Program work?

The application process for our program starts in April every year. The application for the program is open to projects based on responsible consumption and production or projects actively being implemented. After the application process, the projects submitted are examined and evaluated by our independent selection committee consisting of various professionals based on four criteria: Impact potential and prevalence, applicability, sustainability, and efficiency. Our selection committee then selects 6 KoçZer ambassadors and consultants projects to monitor their development for a year. At the end of the year, 6 projects are re-evaluated based on their performance criteria and developments to win the grand prize by making the most progress.



At KoçZer, we believe that we can have a bright future only through education. In 2020, we transformed the congratulatory and sympathy gifts we provide to our business partners, suppliers, and stakeholders into a step that will contribute to the education of our youngsters. Now, our gifts are transferred to the Turkish Education Foundation (TEV) Mustafa V. Koç Scholarship Fund to support the education of a female high school student for a month.

Gender Equality

We develop projects on gender equality and join numerous volunteer projects. At KoçZer, we signed the United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles in 2017 to provide more support to women. The United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles platform is among the leading global initiatives of the private industry, helping women join economic life in all sectors and at any level.

Developed and popularized by UN Gender Equality, UN Women, and UN Global Compact in 2010, the WEPs platform provides the private industry with 7 principles to consider to reach gender equality in the workplace, marketplace, and society. This platform requires the leaders of the business world to commit to implementing these 7 principles to create company policies that will encourage gender equality. By signing the CEO Statement of Support, leaders thus show their intent to apply these principles in each company department. The principles that need to be considered by companies include simple rules and recommendations guiding women's empowerment in the workplace, marketplace, and community.

At KoçZer, we will also continue to support the Women's Empowerment Principles based on the value and sensitivity to gender equality efforts. We regularly track the number of our female employees and managers and their promotional rates to support gender equality in practice.

Aiming to increase the gender equality awareness of our suppliers, we organized the Gender Equality Awards in 2017. Thus, we granted awards to companies that developed various equality applications.

We Are Supporting
The HeForShe Movement!

At KoçZer, we also support the HeForShe movement, launched by the United Nations Women's Unit (UN Women) in September 2014 and whose primary supporter in Turkey became Koç Group in March 2015.

We conduct awareness activities based on gender equality and implement many practices to boost our gender-sensitive workplace culture.