Career Opportunities At KoçZer

KoçZer owes its success to expert human resources. We aim to become a company that consists of loyal employees who have the necessary know-how and competency to offer the best expertise. Based on our HR vision, we're working to improve employee engagement and satisfaction, bring in versatile and talented people to KoçZer and Koç Group, offer them unique career opportunities, and support their growth throughout their careers.

Our International Award-Winning HR Approach

Our HR practices won awards from The Stevie Awards for Great Employers, which evaluates the world's best employers and HR practices, to one of the world's most prestigious consultancy companies, Brandon Hall Group's "Excellence Awards", which rewards programs that get significant and tangible results in terms of HR and the organizations that implement these programs successfully.

Expertise is our resource. We're working to find, train, and keep the best candidate for the sustainability of our expertise, and we're building all our processes according to this vision.

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brandon hall gold 2021
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As KoçZer, we manage our recruitment process with the knowledge that "human" is a value of its own and the most precious part of a company. We accept every candidate who applies for KoçZer as a part of this family and put them through equal and just evaluation processes without discrimination. Our recruitment process involves case studies related to positions, an online personality inventory, an English test, and meetings with an executive present. With these processes, we aim to create a positive experience for our candidates. Our digital orientation program that starts after the recruitment processes allow for an easier transition process for our new teammates. With our effective HR practices, we're leading our employees' career development and offer them the opportunity to plan a career where they can build their future in the best way possible.

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We're Among the Best Places to Work In Turkey!

As KoçZer, we achieved a rising success in our employee engagement measurements in recent years thanks to the employee experience we're improving by the day, internal communication operations, and optimum HR practices we offer. This rise has continued despite the unusual circumstances caused by the pandemic. We were given the Best Place to Work Certificate by the international evaluation organization, Great Place to Work.

As we often emphasize the importance of an ecosystem that says "we" rather than "me", we will continue to expand this approach to the company. We aim to gradually strengthen our work ecosystem that is eager to create the best in every area and has a vast awareness of the world and the environment by forming awareness-driven teams.


Internship Program

We're offering a real working experience to university juniors and seniors with our online internship program ZerUp.

We're aiming for our communication with our interns to turn into a business relationship by transforming it from a periodical relationship to a permanent dialogue.

Besides our Turkish interns, we want to involve different cultures and experiences in our business by running internship programs with international students.


Career Management

We consider HR a driving force for our business's development and train expert and experienced leaders who improve themselves with creativity. We're working for our employees' career plans to be realized and the promotion processes to run justly within the career management activities. We include our employees, who managed to get into the talent pool as a result of the manager and independent consultant evaluations we hold with our talent management system in our special training program and support their career development with internal coaching.

We give talent-based class training special to our corporation to all our colleagues that will prepare for the talent pool as candidates and provide various training opportunities depending on individual needs. We give our employees the opportunity to improve themselves based on their career plans.

Among the points we especially focus on in HR management is rotation. We want our colleagues to work in positions matching their talents and expertise and where they can improve themselves in the best way possible. We enable rotation within the company or between the Holding companies. We initially make our job postings within the company and review internal applications first. We offer the Koç Group employees the chance to apply to open positions that require over two years of experience first in our Group companies. We allow all Koç Group employees to direct their career and growth via the "Koç Kariyerim (My Koç Career)" portal, where we announce the open positions to our colleagues.


KoçZer, A Wonderful Workplace for Female Employees!

As KoçZer, we secured our place in the Best Workplaces for Women Turkey 2021 list, which was published for the first time by GPTW and will become an annual publication.

As one of the signees of the United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles, we prioritize diversity and inclusivity in our workplaces. We believe that inclusivity plays a significant role in our company's development. With this awareness, we develop operations and practices to increase women's employment rates and support gender equality.


Training – Improvement

We prioritize training and improvement programs to contribute to our colleagues' career development. We aim for our employees to improve beyond their potential with high-level training by giving them the opportunity to attend prestigious training programs around this ever-changing world.

We value customized processes and determine training for each employee in all areas needed for personal and professional improvement via annual plans.

We prepare for the future by improving our competent HR and giving our employees the talents and skills to help them succeed in future work environments.


Wage Management and Side Benefits

In KoçZer, the employee payments are made as 16 gross salaries yearly. 4 bonuses are added to the salary each month. Moreover, a performance premium is paid at the end of each year based on the yearly performance.

Besides their wages, our employees also enjoy a social aid package, or the flexible side benefit Flextra determined according to the need.

Other side benefits employees earn at KoçZer:

  • We offer our employees and their families additional social guarantees and supports in many areas, from health insurance to financial aid with Koç Holding Retirement and Aid Fund membership.
  • We provide all our colleagues with a company line and phone regardless of their title and position.
  • We offer all our colleagues special health insurance, the scope of which they can expand to their spouse and children.
  • We ensure the safety of our employees with the personal accident insurance.
  • We provide meal cards to all our colleagues.
  • We offer a flexible transportation opportunity to choose to use the personnel shuttle or your personal vehicle.
  • Our company's special leave practices offer one leave day for birthdays and an additional two leave days to our colleagues who don't smoke.
  • We provide monthly kindergarten support for our colleagues with a 0-66 month-old child.
  • With Turkey's biggest and most comprehensible corporate loyalty platform, KoçAilem (My Koç Family), we offer many benefits to our colleagues and their families. They will feel special in many areas of their social lives, such as shopping and entertainment travels, and health.

Performance Management

We aim to measure performance, make dialogue and progress sustainable, and improve employee engagement and the feedback culture via our new performance management system approach that was put in place in all Koç Group Companies in 2021.

We focus on measurable and achievable goals and limit the maximum number of goals to 5 with this system based on the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) methodology. Thanks to its flexible structure, we can adapt to the potential change in conditions within the year and revise our goals. We can determine individual and personal improvement goals that support continuous development and assign one of the annual goals as the team goal. Thus, we can improve teamwork and team spirit while creating a collective and agile working environment. Goal distribution starts at the general manager level and continues in the reverse direction, from the departments to the management level. The goals are made clear for everyone with the performance management system that focuses on transparency and traceability. Thus, everyone can monitor progress towards the end goal in real-time.

One of our performance system's main focal points is "dialogue". With the continuous dialogue culture created by the "Instant Feedback" mechanism, all employees can exchange ideas regardless of position or rank. We tackle subjects such as career planning, personal development, and goals with evaluation sessions held under the name "Check-in Meetings". Since the journey towards the result is just as important as the result itself, we also evaluate the progress related to the aimed business results independent from the result. Even if the end-goal isn't reached, the determination, effort, and performance shown during the process are considered in the evaluation. We use technology most effectively to make no compromises on transparency, traceability, and agility in the performance evaluation processes. We improve our colleagues' efficiency and add value to their career development via a user-friendly and flexible digital platform that promotes teamwork.