25 January 2023

2023 Forecasts of Strong Leaders Published in Marketing Turkey

mehmet apak marketing turkiye 2023 en.webp

Mehmet Apak, our General Manager, shared his views within the context of “2023 Forecasts of Strong Leaders,” which appeared in the January issue of Marketing Turkey magazine.

Apak stressed the need for common, long-term gains in our ecosystem, which grew significantly last year thanks to continued trust and cooperation between all parties involved.

He also discussed the ongoing effects of inflationary pressures on our industry.

“We worked very closely with all my friends at Zer, constantly followed the market, and took all necessary steps to protect our suppliers,” Apak said.

“We are about to complete another transparent, trust-oriented cooperation process with our suppliers and customers regarding our pricing and cost strategies through the use of digital platforms,” he added.

Sharing our goals for 2023, when the Turkish Republic will celebrate its Centennial and Zer will mark its 20th anniversary, Apak voiced hope of surpassing last year’s purchasing volume by expanding our ecosystem across multiple countries and sectors.