06 May 2020

Promena is ranked in the Spend Matters Network 2020, 50 Procurement Providers to Watch list!

34 başarı 1000x550 100 Developed to boost companies’ levels of productivity and efficiency, and save time and labor by offering a combination of global and regional market knowledge in procurement processes and high technology, our strategic procurement platform Promena has achieved important success in its sector.

Spend Matters, a procurement network which offers insight into global trends and has many procurement specialist members from all over the world, has included Promena in its annual “50 Procurement Providers to Watch” list of international companies it considers worth following. Promena has created a strategic procurement solutions market in Turkey with its innovative solutions such as e-tender and e-procurement. It is now the first Turkish software company to have gained a place on the list.

In an interview with Spend Matters, Orçun Güven, Promena Services Director, shared his opinions about the state of the business world during the global coronavirus crisis and its impact on Promena. In the interview Güven said that the coronavirus crisis showed how important it is to have digital solutions instead of manual processes and added: “I wish we didn’t have to go through such difficult times to identify and prove this fact.” Güven also underlined the fact that Promena’s electronic procurement services bring the advantages of the digital age to procurement processes, enabling corporate companies to continue to increase the sustainability of their procurement activities even in this crisis. Despite Promena employees now working from home, they are still able to offer the rapid and flexible solutions their customers need in response to the crisis.