14 August 2021

“Being rewarded with respected awards supports our growth”

06 zer linkedin In an interview with Fast Company Magazine's Business Awards supplement, Orçun Güven, our Director of Sales and Promena Services, and Sanem Bayraklı, our Director of Human Resources and Corporate Communications, discussed the awards received by Zer and Zer’s strategic purchasing platform Pronema and the impact of these awards on their recognition.

Stating that we stand out in international award and rating programs with our innovative practices in purchasing and supply chain management and our leading platform Promena, Orçun Güven said, “We see the awards that we have received or the rankings we are included in as confirmation of the added value that we provide to the ecosystem where we are at the center as well as the quality of the service that we provide to our customers. Global research into the world of purchasing allows us to see what we are doing well, explore trends in the industry, and recognize areas that need improvement.”
Pointing out to the excitement of being admired on global platforms with the unique business mode that we represent as Zer and our sectoral leadership, Sanem Bayraklı stated that Zer had received two significant awards as a result of the evaluations based on human resources practices and employee satisfaction.  Bayraklı said, “As part of the ‘Great Place to Work’ initiative, we received our certificate by reaching 80 percent with a 14-point increase compared to the last year in reliability, respect, fairness, pride, team spirit and COVID-19 criteria, which were included this year. In 2021, we have also been among the Best Workplaces in Turkey in the category of companies with 100-250 employees. This has been one of the successful results that crowned our development in human resources practices.”
Güven expressed that receiving respected awards and being included in reliable rankings support us as we move towards our global growth goals, and shared examples of the awards we have received over the past year. Güven stated that being the first and only Turkish brand included in the SolutionMap Report, which recognizes prominent platforms in the field of purchasing and the “50 Procurement Providers to Watch” list, which lists the companies deemed worth following around the world every year, both prepared by Spend Matters, the purchasing network to which many purchasing professionals from various countries of the world are members, is an important milestone in Promena's global journey.
Mentioning that we care about being included in the international award programs or lists of organizations whose dignity, objectivity and meticulousness we trust, and that we follow European- and American-based award programs, Güven noted that we aim to continue our journey of international awards that we started with Promena with our corporate e-Commerce and order management platform ZerOnline.