21 September 2020

Demand for digital purchasing solutions increased rapidly during the outbreak

28 dijitale talep

In the Leaders of the Digital supplement published by the Turkish Ekonomist magazine, Ozan Ünay, our Director of Digital Transformation and Information Technologies, evaluated Zer's digital transformation approach and innovative purchasing solutions, and our Promena Services Director Orçun Güven, the increase in demand for Promena during the outbreak.

Sharing that Zer started its digital transformation efforts with the digital transformation program initiated by Koç Holding throughout the Group in 2016, Ozan Ünay indicated that rather than uniform digital solutions, Zer, along with long-term roadmaps for transformation determined in line with business goals, invested in digital technologies and competent human resources in this field.

Ünay also shared that Zer adopts digital transformation not only as a technology ownership, but as a cultural transformation, and for this purpose, they organize trainings and question-answer sessions to inform all teams on issues such as data analytics, risk management, RPA in order to ensure developmentto be permanent. Ünay said, "Before the change comes knocking at our door, we are trying to understand the risks and opportunities in advance by establishing cross-teams to trigger change, questioning traditional strategies and deep-rooted business models in our field of activity with different scenarios and strategies."

In his interview, Promena Services Director Orçun Güven stated that Promena, the market leader brand of Zer in the strategic purchasing solutions industry, was aanswerfor the companies searching for digital platforms in the bidding processes during the outbreak period, and shared the scope of services offered by Promena.

Noting that before the outbreak, most companies carried out their purchasing processes with traditional methods such as face-to-face meetings, negotiations and document collection, Güven stated that with the effect of the outbreak they observed that many companies from both local and global markets started to search for a digital platform instead. Expressing that the increase in demand for Promena during this period is the most significant proof of this fact, Güven shared that there was an increase of almost 40 percent in the demand of new customers who want to make a difference in purchasing processes by using Promena, compared to the same period of the previous year.