07 June 2021

Grand prize for the Environment 101 project in Our Dreams Are Similar

13 Cevre101 1000x550 zer SinemaTV's Environment 101 project, which was among the six projects considered worth monitoring in 2019 in the Our Dreams Are Similar Cooperation Program, was awarded the grand prize by continuing its progress.
The progress of the project, which is in the ideas category and set out to increase awareness of responsible consumption and production among society, was monitored by the voluntary ZER ambassadors throughout 2020. In the project, TV spots were created using statistical data from the Department of Environmental Engineering of Marmara University and the goal is to broadcast 101 TV spots in 2022.

Spots on recycling, waste management, water conservation, food waste prevention and many more subjects have started to be broadcast on SinemaTV's television channels, social media accounts, and website, which have access to more than 4,500,000 households. SinemaTV, which has been working on the Environment 101 project with a team of 10 people since 2019, aims to reach a wide audience by using media tools in an integrated way and create a chain reaction by creating conscious individuals.

We have assumed the educational expenses of three high school girls with our donation to the Mustafa V. Koç Scholarship Fund created within the Turkish Educational Foundation (TEV) on behalf of SinemaTV, which implemented the project based on an idea and was awarded the grand award.

We congratulate our media solution partner SinemaTV for their success and wish that they inspire new projects under the Our Dreams Are Similar Cooperation Program, which we set out for the ideal of a better world.