08 May 2023

Legendary Anadol brand revived in NFT collection

refik anadol nft koleksiyonu.webp

 The STC-16 model of Anadol, Türkiye's first domestic automobile designed for mass production, has taken its place in the metaverse with the NFT collection titled RMKM-A Reflections, which we developed in collaboration with Rahmi M. Koç Museum (RMKM), the first and only industrial museum in Türkiye.

Within the scope of the project, where we bring industrial history, technology, and art together around a common purpose, 750 unique works that take Anadol STC-16 as the main element were created using the Ethereum blockchain infrastructure.

The NFT adaptation of Anadol STC-16 was undertaken by meta-architect Begüm Aydınoğlu, Web 3.0 Strategist Can Yurdakul and creative technology agency ME. 10 works selected from the collection, which is offered with 17 different backgrounds, 8 different colors, 5 different platforms and two logo options, are on display at Metazone, Otokoç's experience space located at coordinates -111,10 in Decentraland.

Commenting on the project which was realized by Zer for the first time in Türkiye in collaboration with Rahmi M. Koç Museum, Serhan Turfan, the CEO of Zer stated that Zer media services procurement team started to offer procurement services in the metaverse, which is called new media and said: "RMKM-A Reflections, the first project to embody this service, received an award at the MUSE Creative Awards. Since the NFT/Web3 category was opened for the first time this year, we are the first project in the world to receive an award in this category. We continue our project development processes in the metaverse for different companies of the Koç Group."

The story of the collection is told in a documentary

The story of Anadol was turned into a documentary with the narration of racing drivers including Serdar Bostancı and Cüneyd Işıngör amongst others who had witnessed the history, design, and production processes of Anadol STC-16 and driven it in international races. The documentary also tells the story of the emergence of the RMKM-A Reflections Collection to bring Anadol to the present day.