28 December 2020

Mehmet Apak: “2021 should be a year of strong ecosystem”

25 Dunya gazetesi 28 aralik

Our General Manager Mehmet Apak answered the questions of Editor-in-Chief Handan Sema Ceylan in Dünya Newspaper published on Monday, December 28, 2020.

Our General Manager said, “The trauma of the epidemic will be overcome by protecting the ecosystem” in 2020, and reminded that we draw attention to the cooperation with the principle “The stage does not belong to those who stand alone, but to those who get applauded together”, sharing our goals for 2021, saying “We will walk more decisively in 2021 to our goal of benefiting more companies from Zer's advantageous and safe purchasing expertise”.

Emphasizing that purchasing management will be more important both operationally and financially in the long and challenging period ahead of us, Apak conveyed that, “In order to overcome this period, we must have an ecosystem that is prepared for all kinds of challenges, rock bottom demands, rapid increases, sudden closures, in short, we must have an adaptable, agile ecosystem which is ready for a fluctuating environment."

Stating that 25 percent of Zer's total purchasing volume in 2020 was made up by our customers outside the Koç Group, Apak stated that we aim to make up approximately 30 percent of the purchasing volume we will manage in 2021 by our non-Koç Group customers.

Stating that in the pandemic, institutions have experienced to be more sensitive to each other and behave more constructively, our General Manager emphasized that "We should not forget what we have learned when this period is over", and emphasized that we should continue on the path sensitive to green management with the responsibility of being better institutions.

Speaking about the world economy in his interview, Apak said, "In the upcoming period, Europe due to the need for supply and the Asia-Pacific region due to increasing demand will be the most attractive markets for Turkish companies.".