31 March 2021

Mehmet Apak: “We are eager to cooperate with any stakeholder who wants to create a common interest”

20 MarketingTR HB

Our General Manager, Mehmet Apak, in the March issue of Marketing Turkey magazine, answered the questions of Editor-in-Chief, Günseli Özen.

Sharing our purpose and future goals regarding the ‘Our Dreams Are Similar Cooperation Program’, which we have implemented with the aim of generating common interests by benefiting from the power of impact arising from our ecosystem composed of Zer customers and suppliers that came together to realize a sustainable world transformation, Apak stressed that not the state of well-being of individual structures, but well-being achieved by acting together has gained value in today’s world.

Stating that at the focus of Our Dreams Are Similar Cooperation Program was the ‘responsible consumption and production approach’, which is the 12th article of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Apak said that with the pandemic, the visibility of economic, ecological and social problems increased, and expressed his satisfaction for the interest shown to the program and the projects which were developed in line with our goal of creating significant difference and awareness.

On the question of Günseli Özen “Which projects impressed you the most in the Program?”, our General Manager stated that he was the most impressed with projects that brought different perspectives by focusing on creating a multidimensional impact, and shared specifically two of the projects that applied to the program. Giving as examples the project called “Cheerful Rugs and Bags”, which aims to ensure the recycling of printed fabrics used in outdoor advertisements while increasing the participation of the female labor force in the reproduction process, and another project carried out by two of our solution partners, which seeks solutions against the threat of water scarcity that we experience, by collecting waste oil from households, he stressed that those projects triggered transformation in their own industries and said “In my opinion, such projects are very significant steps that support change and transformation both mentally and practically.” He further expressed that as Zer, he believed we were getting closer to the target we set at the starting point of our program with such projects and that he was proud of it.