24 September 2019

Mehmet Apak: “Cost reduction is of critical importance for the success of companies”

revzeringweb10 In the interview he gave to Dünya Newspaper dated 23 September 2019, our General Manager Mehmet Apak shared the collaboration model of Zer. Emphasizing on the savings expected to be made by companies in their procurement processes due to the developments being experienced in the global economy and the ‘uncertainties’ setting the course of the trade in the world is of critical importance, Apak stated “The procurement expertise adopted by Zer offers the companies a cost advantage at the intial stage in their procurement operations, in addition, fast, practical and reliable technological solutions in the processes. We tell the companies ‘Leave these tasks to us, spare your energy for your own business’”.

Defining the collaboration offered to the sector by Zer, the largest procurement company in Turkey, Apak stated “While doing business in the new order is more difficult and requires managing multiple functions together, there is also an important factor that brings success in trade: In making a demand or setting a target, doing business actually becomes too easy when you see or can say the black and white. We promise a transparent business model and collaboration where grey areas do exist”.