12 August 2021

Mehmet Apak: "Those with the ability to build trust-based connections will guide the global trade."

07 Mehmet Apak Fortune Türkiye dergisi

Our General Manager Mehmet Apak answered the questions of Elif Erman in the August issue of Fortune Turkey magazine. Highlighting the increased value of building local and solid ecosystems and holding steady and reliable relationships with the pandemic in his interview,

Mr. Apak said, "The concepts of collaboration and ecosystem we have been emphasizing since 2019 have now become concepts adopted firmly. And now we are emphasizing the concept of 'trust'. The trust will determine the future of the business world."

Stating that the economic uncertainties and exchange rate fluctuations drive business players to collaborate with the companies they trust, Mr. Apak also highlighted the fact that the pre-pandemic behavior in the supply chain and purchasing, which was finding the most budget-friendly supplier, has changed and transformed into a trend of discovering the cost-effective and reliable supplier while making a purchasing decision.

He also emphasized the vital responsibilities forced upon the business world to achieve a trust-based ecosystem and added, "In such a period, we prioritized our digital investments based on the need we forecast. Our stakeholders can safely run Promena and ZerOnline, the digital platforms with software solely owned by Zer, for performing their operations."

He also shared the details of Zer's trust-based business approach by stating that "At Zer, we have a trust-based business model that we leverage even in supplier selection, payment terms, or robotic operation processes." Mentioning the various challenges faced by four primary industries in which we operate and our focus on developing competence and connections for our customers' demand during the pandemic period, Mr. Apak also added, "Ensuring the business continuity and financial sustainability of our suppliers was among our most important agenda topics both for us and the continuity of our economy. The ability to provide a safe harbor our supplier has gained unprecedented importance during the pandemic period."