01 March 2022

Mehmet Apak: 'We will continue our journey in the rough sea of 2022 by supporting each other with trust.'


Our General Manager Mehmet Apak had an interview with Handan Sema Ceylan, Editor-in-Chief of Dünya Newspaper.

Mentioning how we expanded the ecosystem we address by 63% in 2021, despite the difficulties and provide procurement and supply chain management services in 108 categories by bringing our 1,295 active suppliers and 1,325 clients together, Mehmet Apak commented on Zer's 2002 goal: "We expect 2022 to be the continuation of 2021 in every aspect. Our goal is to help our clients and suppliers reach their goals flexibly and resiliently. In the rough sea of ​​2022, we will continue our journey by supporting one another with trust."

Stating that today, where uncertainties are increasing and it is harder to manage risks, procurement and supply chain management has transformed into an essential need for companies by helping them be ready and equipped for uncertainties and monitor their costs and risks effectively, Mr. Apak added "As Turkey's largest procurement and supply chain management company, we are aware of our responsibility. We function as a safe bridge between our customers and suppliers. We all share the same dream to overcome this challenging period as soon as possible. That is why we consider our responsibility mutual as well.", emphasizing that we can overcome this challenging period only by saying we, instead of me, and trusting one another for shared dreams.