23 November 2021

Mehmet Apak: "Our goal is to reach a greater impact."

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Our General Manager Mehmet Apak shared Zer's sustainability and impact strategy during his interview in Fast Company magazine's Impact supplement.

Mentioning that the "Together, Towards the Future" approach of Koç Group, which we are part of, shapes our focus areas and social impact approach, Mehmet Apak added, "Without forgetting our part in the big picture, our goal at Zer is to consider each area we can contribute to and choose a path on which we can make collaborations, thereby generating a greater influence and boosting the value of social impact."

After emphasizing that we believe that all our stakeholders, whom we can influence positively via our business manners based on the ecosystem, partnership, and trust, will also create a positive output in the various ecosystems they operate in, and that we can contribute to a mass benefit cycle, Mr. Apak also stated "We do not consider our stakeholders, with whom we conduct business, only as a commercial relationship's party. We describe them as our business partners with whom we can offer greater benefits to society via our way of operating, business practice, the specification we create, or our signed contract."

Stating that our colleagues are also within our impact strategy, our General Manager added, "Our greatest capital is our employees. At Zer, we think the highest impact we can create for our business is through building effective HR, training our employees from square one, and bringing real professionals to the industry. We offer training opportunities from global and reputable institutions to include all our colleagues. Our training opportunities include industrial and global values, ethical rules, language training, time and team management, teamwork, agility, and innovation."