17 January 2022

Our General Manager Mehmet Apak shared his 2022 predictions with Marketing Turkey magazine

zer ing web 13

Mr. Mehmet Apak, our General Manager, shared his 2022 projections and Zer's future goals in Marketing Turkey magazine's 'Future Forecasts' section, which reveals the remarks of the leaders steering the economy.

Underlining our opportunity to manage the issues to be continued in 2022 with the experience gained during difficult periods and our need for developing more creative solutions, Mr. Apak stated, "The actors of the business world need to support each other. Because we will be able to overcome this difficult period only via saying 'We', not 'I', with the sense of responsibility and having trust-based relationships with one another to reach shared dreams", sharing the necessity for collaboration and trust we constantly highlight.

Providing insights on our procurement and supply chain management services in 108 various categories offered to 1325 clients via 1295 active suppliers reached in 2021, our General Manager also added, "Our goal is to expand our trustworthy ecosystem by 50% in 2022. We take our precautions by considering versatile scenarios. We are also working on storage, alternative modes of transport, and routes. Moreover, we launch joint projects to provide cross advantages to our clients and suppliers via our procurement services for material, service, and media."