15 April 2022

Mehmet Apak: "We live by a single strategy - be one with our customers"

mehmet apakfast companyinterview

Our General Manager Mehmet Apak, who gave an interview for the Customer Centric supplement produced by Fast Company magazine, shared details about Zer's customer-centric approach to business.

Our general manager stressed that we were aiming to be one with our customers, explaining that the greatest need for any company at this time was to be prepared for uncertainties and challenges saying, "With this need, global developments, uncertainties, and sudden changes in the supply chain and procurement management, the impact of the changes are felt much more deeply. Our customers need strategic partners who are proactive, anticipate complex situations, offer solutions and stand by them throughout the entire process. At Zer, we are here to make companies more "resilient and flexible" against all these variables, at times where there is less foresight and more uncertainty".

Apak explained the 3 important things Zer focuses on and prioritizes in customer communication, namely continuous listening, communication, and empathy. Emphasizing that we constantly learn from this journey, he continued, "We see our customers as our stakeholders, with whom we walk side by side at every step of our business, from product development to pre-sales, from operations to after-sales, and we care about building an insightful stakeholder relationship based on a sense of mutual trust."