05 January 2022

Mehmet Apak 'We will prioritize secure procurement'

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Our General Manager, Mr. Mehmet Apak, evaluated the post-pandemic business world during his interview in Fast Company magazine's Visionaries supplement, highlighting the importance of being ready for the future in every area while designing alternative plans against uncertainties and pointing out risk management as a key factor with the ability to help companies excel in changing economic and business conditions.

Emphasizing how the supply chain, which has faced significant risk management changes in the past two years, will be more crucial than ever, Mr. Mehmet Apak added, "Those who managed to build resilient and flexible supply chain systems, leverage digital platforms, and design collaboration-based processes during the pandemic not only excelled in the competition but also were less affected by uncertainties." Mr. Apak expressed that the concept of trust has regained its rightful value in the environment of uncertainty. He also shared that the actors of the business world are now canalized to establish trust-based partnerships, underlining the recent inclusion of social criteria such as reliability and sustainability in primary factors while selecting suppliers, besides the triangle of cost, quality, and time, the essential equation for procurement.

Considering the increased value of know-how and competent human resources among the significant changes introduced by the environment of uncertainty in procurement and supply chain management, Mr. Mehmet Apak also added, "Making the right decision during a crisis is only possible by having the correct data. Namely, the right decisions require accessing accurate data without delay. Thus, a team capable of uniting each data and advancing the process considering various scenarios is necessary, instead of just handling processes, documents, and contracts."

Mentioning how we, at Zer, help our business partners get the upper hand on crises and uncertainties with our speedy, efficient, and creative services and solutions offered with a business partnership approach in procurement and supply chain management, our General Manager also stated, "Believing that 2022 will be more challenging than 2021, we are taking actions based on this projection beforehand.  Just as in 2021, we will also do our best in 2022 to keep the wheels of the economy turning and fortify our position as the secure bridge between our suppliers and clients. Ensuring supply chain sustainability, we will address the needs of our clients while helping our suppliers reach continuous workflow."