24 December 2020

Orçun Güven told SpendMatters about 2021 innovations of Promena

26 promena spendmatters aralik Turkey's leading strategic procurement platform Promena, with more modules and innovation it will launch in 2021, continues to provide countless benefits to customers. 

Speaking to the global purchasing network SpendMatters the details of the fast bid collection (Quick RFQ) feature added to the existing e-purchasing module and the quick response robot Chatbot application, Orçun Güven emphasized that these two innovations will further improve Promena's customer experience and strengthen its position in the market.

Promena offers solutions for companies that want to take the first step in their digital purchasing processes with Quick RFQ, which ensures easy use and completing complex processes with minimum requirements. This module, which allows more offers to be received faster in accordance with the standards determined, also allows purchasing professionals to negotiate through the system and create offer collection tours through ready-made templates. New companies can be added while the process is continuing at the stage where the offers are collected, and the companies bidding cannot access the price information provided by other companies in any process.

With the Promena Quick RFQ module, the process times between the supplier and the purchasing company are decreasing. While bidding, there is no need for external support, as suppliers who want to bid through successive processes are guided step by step. The bidding process can be previewed and followed at every stage by companies. Supplier companies can be eliminated step by step, according to the responses given to the necessary revisions during the negotiation stages. This way, the process continues until it ends, with fewer companies remaining on each new round. The purchasing department can terminate or continue the process, depending on the satisfaction with the offers. All transactions that require action by purchasing professionals can be managed from here, so that the follow-up of bid collection processes can be converted into an order process very quickly. It can also collect quotes from around the world with instantly updated exchange rates and the help of languages that are currently available.

With the Chatbot application to be put into use at the beginning of 2021, increasing the service quality and accuracy of the answers by answering the questions of customers and suppliers who receive service from Promena 24/7 is being planned. Chatbot, which supports speed, high accuracy and proactive communication with users, improves the user experience. These robots, which provide fast response support without creating waiting times with the support of artificial intelligence, are frequently encountered in online B2C channels today. With this innovation, Promena aims to be among the leading brands that offer this service in its sector and in the B2B service channel.

Orçun Güven ends his words in his article with the following sentences: “As Promena, we are proud of the features we have developed, and we look forward to serving the global market with our young, dynamic and innovative staff. We are confident that our innovations and vision will make us a unique global player. We describe 2021 as an opportunity year for the solutions we offer and we believe that Promena will make a name for itself in the purchasing world this year as well.”