28 January 2022

Our Dreams Are Similar Collaboration Program has announced the projects to be followed in 2022

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Aiming to reach a better world and believing that "we share similar dreams and responsibilities for our future, Our Dreams Are Similar Collaboration Program announced its 2021 winners. 

The project included 42 applications that aim to protect our environment and natural resources and create a change in life accordingly. Among these, 6 projects from various fields, such as carbon footprint reduction, were selected as winners to reach sustainable agriculture, recycling, and energy-saving. Projects by Ekol Logistics and Tekfen Agricultural Research in the application category and Mindshare and Trumar Footwear in the idea category were granted awards, respectively. On the other hand, the projects of Ebebek and Defacto won the incentive award.

Projects varying from the reuse of fabrics to sustainable agriculture

The winner in the application category, Ekol Logistics, aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help clean energy production with the solar panels to be built via its Lotus Logistics Facility GES project. With its Bread Wheat Breeding project to achieve sustainable food safety, Tekfen Agricultural Research focuses on utilizing biotechnological methods to develop highly productive and disease-resistant bread wheat types that will be minimally affected by global climate change.

Developed by Mindshare, the winner of the idea category, the MyCarbon project's goal is to set employee targets to reduce the carbon footprints via the mobile app to be developed and raise awareness about carbon emissions and its effects. Trumar Footwear aims to reduce waste even at the production and uses recycled fabrics to produce work safety shoes with its Work Safety Shoe Produced with Recycled Fabric project.

The Dreams Made of Fabric project by Defacto re-functions by sending production surplus fabric to vocational high school students, and the Baby Me Liquid Detergent Refilling project by ebebek, which is expected to be implemented in physical stores, were the winners in ideas and applications.

Projects were evaluated based on four criteria

Our Selection Committee evaluated 17 ideas, and 25 projects that applied to Our Dreams Are Similar Collaboration Program 2021.

In the Selection Committee moderated by our General Manager Mehmet Apak, Dr. Tamer Atabarut, Sustainability Academy Board Member and UN SDSN Turkey Director, Mert Karslıoğlu, the founder of ecording, Sevinç Onay, Sustainability Academy Board Member, Boğaç Şimşir, Eczacıbaşı Building Products Innovation Director, Ebru Tüzecan, Koç Holding Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Coordinator, and Sustainability Consultant Dr. Katalin Zaim shared their evaluations. Applications were evaluated based on impact potential and prevalence, applicability, sustainability, and efficiency.

2021 has been the 'Year of clean water and sea'

2021 was declared the 'Year of clean water and sea' to raise awareness regarding the decrease in water resources and pollution. The ideas and application projects of ISS Facility Management Services, Desi Chemistry, ISS Ready Meal Production, and DGR Group Management Services were granted awards.