05 April 2021

“Our goal is to create a workplace that brings people together around a common purpose”

17 GoodEmployers 1000x550 zer Our Human Resources and Corporate Communications Director, Sanem Bayraklı, shared our strategies and goals for improving Zer’s employee experience in an interview she gave to the Good Employers & Happy Employees supplement published by Capital magazine.

Stating that we accept the human-oriented perspective of the Koç Group as the main framework in our human resources strategy, Bayraklı emphasized that we strive to be a workplace where all our colleagues have adopted sincere and open communication principles, in which they feel proud and happy, committed to Zer and Zer’s work with a common goal. Bayraklı said, “Our biggest goal is to ensure that our workplace is defined as a happy place where people meet around a common purpose and meaning, instead of a place where things written in the to do lists of employees are solely performed.”

Expressing that behind Zer’s leading position that offers specialization in procurement and supply chain management, we had employees who possess knowledge and experience-based expertise, Bayraklı said; “We regard high employee loyalty as a goal to be achieved not only for establishing an efficient working order, but also leading a happy and safe life that we think is extremely important in today’s world. At this point, we keep employee loyalty and experience at the top of our managerial goals as much as we care for the satisfaction our stakeholders receive from Zer while doing business with us.”

Sharing that regular surveys and one-on-one interviews were being conducted to improve employee loyalty and employee experience at Zer, Bayraklı said that while adapting to the new conditions brought about by the outbreak, we strengthened our internal communication processes even more, and also thanks to the efficacy of new practices, that we further accelerated the already increasing momentum we have shown in employee loyalty measurements, especially in the last two years, despite to this difficult period.

Evaluating the Great Place to Work certificate that Zer received in November 2020 due to the increasing employee loyalty results, Bayraklı said, “Our international certification we received such as Great Place to Work certificate, has been a valuable indicator of the positive atmosphere we created internally, with the support of our colleagues.” In addition, she shared that compared to last year, the certificate was obtained by reaching 80 percent with an increase of 14 points on the reliability, respect, fairness, pride, team spirit and the COVID-19 criteria included this year, and further stressed that talents in the Y and Z generations attach importance to this assessment when choosing the company, they wish to work for.