08 April 2019

Our Supplier Meetings Have Begun

39 Operating under the roof of the Koç Group, Zer A.Ş., the first and the largest procurement company in Turkey, had its first supplier meeting of 2019. Managing a procurement volume greater than TRY 4 billion, with more than 500 customers, and beyond 15,000 suppliers, Mehmet Apak hosted the first supplier gathering of the year, as General Manager who was appointed last January. A panel on economic developments was organized in the second session of the supplier meeting, where more than 100 solution partners including logistics, media, material and service providers participated.

Mehmet Apak, General Manager of ZER A.Ş. , addressed the suppliers at the opening of meeting and emphasized that the company had been offering business process outsourcing and technology services in various sectors since 2003. He continued as follows: “In the 16 years since then, ZER has grown its field of operation by expanding and diversifying its solution and service portfolio.  There is no doubt that the sustainable growth since our establishment is thanks to the strong relationship with our solution partners. While we keep growing, we ensured the growth of our solution partners as well, and made them a part of a reliable and systematic structure. Thus, we continue to provide a secure service in sustainable cost improvement tasks created for our customers in risky environments depending on sectoral fluctuations, cyclical changes and economic conditions, while managing service supply and financial risks smoothly. We will decidedly maintain our vision of gaining new customers and carrying our services to a global level in the next period. Intensifying the strong relationship further with our valuable suppliers is essential for us on the way to our goals.”

In the second part of the meeting, a panel was organized regarding the developments affecting Turkey’s economy and the rest of the world with the participation of Dr. Ahmet Çimenoğlu, Koç Holding’s Economic Research Coordinator; Cüneyt Başaran, Bloomberg HT’s Editor in Chief; Gökhan Şen, Bloomberg HT’s Economics Coordinator and Burcu Ünüvar, Department Head of Economic Research at Industrial Development Bank of Turkey. A Q&A session was held afterwards and the panel, which will be repeated in the final quarter of 2019 with the participation of all suppliers, ended with a cocktail party.